Emerging Role of Portable Structures in Sustainable Design

Ballast AnchoringThe lightweight and portable structures are going to be the established in the coming days as a measure of sustainable design. Permanent modular construction (PMC) is an alternative to address your space constraints. When you go for PMC, you will not worry about the construction cost. Fabric structure design will be done in such a way that safety parameters are not compromised. Even though it is a different type of construction, the prominence of modular construction is growing at a constant pace.

When you go for portable structures, up to 90% of the construction will take place at off-site. The structure will be prepared under controlled environmental conditions. The required fixtures in this direction will be affixed at the production line. The plan will be approved by the architect. The plan will be implemented at the factory as per the guidelines. The installation of mechanical systems, painting and carpeting will also be accomplished at the factory level. It is very easy to prepare the ground work at the factory and the erection will be done very easily at the actual location.

When the demand for modular construction increases, the standardization will take place. It is possible to pursue the work at the actual construction site. Hence, the work will happen simultaneously both at the construction site and at the factory. The portable structures can be installed very quickly and it can be done at least 30% to 50% earlier than other kinds of installations.

As soon as the modules are prepared at the factory, they will be shipped so that the modules will reach the erection site. In order to prepare the module ready for occupation, final operations like roofing and cladding will be done. The staircases and elevators will be installed as per the needs of the client. As soon as the modular construction process ends, it is very difficult to notice the difference in the construction method. The users will not be able to find the difference. With portable structures it is possible to prevent the overcrowding and the space can be used in an efficient manner. Tensile canopy systems can be deployed at appropriate locations so that the space can be used in an effective way. The design is scalable so that future needs are met through modular structures. The superior quality of acoustics and the reduction of time in the build process are some of the interesting benefits of these structures which will attract future customers.

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