Fabric Structures as Future Alternatives

View of Completed Fabric StructureFabric structures are the latest buzz in the world of construction. The culmination of chemical, mechanical and architectural engineering expertise has lead to the creation of fabric tension buildings. The structures will provide great aesthetic looks. As a matter of fact fabric structures are recognized as a sub – category of fabric tensile structures. A fabric tensile structure should fulfill all the needs of a structure in terms of design, installation and fabrication. The material selection should be done so that it will fulfill various requirements including mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.

As pure gold is mixed with other kinds of metals to increase the strength, durability and other properties, the ordinary fabric will be coated with various kinds of synthetic materials so that the properties are altered to greater extents. The resultant fabric tensile structure will be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions and the strength and durability of the structure will be enhanced. The most widely used materials in this context are polyesters (laminated with PVC) and fiberglass coated with PTFE.

Expected properties

Working on Fabric StructueIn order to build fabric structures as future alternatives, the material selected for the purpose should fulfill certain criteria. The tensile strength is the main factor that should be fulfilled in the material. The architectural marvel is directly dependant on the relative strength of materials. The stress that develops at one location will lead to the tear in the fabric. Hence, tear strength should be considered while selecting materials for the purpose of fabric based construction activities.

The strips of fabrics should be connected properly. In this context, the adhesive strength will be taken into consideration. As it is required to combine the base material with other materials to bring the desired shape and design, adhesive property plays an important role. The flameproof property of the fabric will lead to longer life. The structure will not be destroyed easily as it will be able to withstand exposure to high temperatures.

Advantages with fabric structures

It is easy to erect fabric structures. They are light in weight. The entire structure can be moved from one location to another location. Temporary structures construction is simple and easy and the cost of construction is 50% less than the traditional construction methods. It fares well in terms of thermal, solar and optical properties. For this reason, fabric structures are widely used for warehouses and for construction of various kinds of industrial and commercial structures.

Check this article to know detailed advantages of the fabric structures and warehouse.


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